Fichado!: Alex Huguet - English Version

You just have to take a look at his curriculum to realise that Alex Huguet knows what he's doing when he's using his Wacom. He's worked in big Hollywood productions like "Poseidon", "Harry Potter" and in european productions about to come to light as "Planet 51". Nowadays, he is taking a rest from the little green aliens, but he has moved to the dark side, modeling Wolfmen.

Name: Alex Huguet

Age: 31

Profession: 3D Modeller, Moving Picture Company

Artistic training: Mmm..., the truth is that I haven't had any kind of training, I've learned at home, like many other people working in this industry. When I started in 3d there was no equipment, tutorials, schools or anything like that, so many of us learned like geeks at night at home.

Work done you're most proud of: Well, the truth is that I'm not fully proud of anything. Everytime that I finish something and I like it, I don't like it anymore a week later. So I'm not really proud of them... maybe I can say that I'm "happy" with some specific work, because of different reasons, because I learned something new... but not fully proud of them.

Work done you're least proud of: Mmm, freelance works. Most of the time you don't have the time that you'd like to finish them "right". They are not as good as you wanted, apart of the fact that most of the artistic decisions are taken by another person, sometimes rightly but sometimes with not much judgement...

The project you are currently working on and the next one, if any: Right now I'm working in a movie with Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins called "The Wolfman", it premieres in 2009, I think. I still don't know which project will be the next... there's a few ongoing, but I still don't know in which I'll end up working.

You are inspired by: Nowadays it's so easy to see so much brilliant stuff in the internet, books, etc, that I'm inspired by many different people, movies, tv series, comicbooks, etc.

Favourite artist: Mmm, I don't think that I have a favourite artist. Again, there's so many people doing such incredible stuff, whether people in the industry as Zack Petroc or Peter Syomka, or sculptors as Evan Penny, or co-workers who don't usually have material available online, but occasionally you see their work and you get inspired a lot...

Pencil & paper, or mouse: Pencil, paper and wacom :D

Music you listen to while working: Mmm, a bit of everything. I usually have the radio on all day, and if I get tired of it I listen to movie soundtracks.

Curious habits while working: I NEED to always have the keyboard shortcuts the way I like, and I NEED to have the wacom configured my way, with different properties for certain programs, without that I'm absolutly lost.

Crazy stuff on your desktop: Nothing right now, but there was a time that I couldn't have anymore figures! Some of them were really big! Now they are catching dust on some shelf back at home and, suspiciously, every time I look some one has disappeared, or been broken "by accident". I think that it's a plot by my girlfriend, she hates them... :)

To work, night or day?: Night, I am a night bird.

Three movies to spend a Sunday relaxed at home: Mmm, pff, there's so many. I can tell you 3, but I could say dozens. "Lord of the rings I", "Spirited Away", "Indiana Jones"...

Classic animation favorite: I know that I repeat myself many times, but I think I don't have a "favorite". "Spirited Away" is very good, I love "Akira", "Monsters, Inc", "The empereror's New Groove"... There are a lot!!

Ancient Art or Modern: Well, the modern art, sometimes it's too "modern" for me... I like the ancient art, but sometimes it is simply too "old", you know what I mean... a mixture of both, I guess that's what's fair.

Comedy or Drama: Comedy

The thoughest moment of your professional career: The truth is that I don't think that I've had many though moments... Maybe, the decision to leave Madrid a few months ago was the hardest I ever made.

And the sweetest moment: Every friday afternoon? :)

What you see yourself doing in 20 years?: Well, the truth is that I have no idea... Life has many turns, and I do not know, I don't see myself with 50 years sitting in front of my Pc modeling little monsters ... we'll see

Finally... tell us which has been the best advice you've been given both professional and personal: Mmm, maybe professionally, working in movies, it's to UNDERSTAND that the movie you are working on is not your movie, and that's only a job. Obviously, try to do the best you know, but sometimes it's hard to stay on the sideline, and not get crazy with the decisions that might be taken by others.
Personal advice... well, you get advices from everywhere, family, friends, I don't think that I've been given the "advice of my life" :)

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