Stendhal syndrome by Carlos Grangel

Deux Biches Caressant un Faon 1905 of Rembrandt Bugatti:

Rembrandt Bugatti is a master reflecting the personality and the movement in his sculptures, I would highlight his sculptures with animals, being this one a good example.

An unmatched connoisseur and observer of animals, he imprints an inherent stylization close to the most beautiful caricature, the poses of the two adult deers caressing a breeding show an expressivity and movement out of the ordinary, subtle, flowing, natural, with no more than necessary or less... an austere sculptural sketch without jamming, with an apparent fresh and carefree finish... perfectly ensuring that each part of the anatomy is studied and applied in detail. He creates a complicity-dialogue among his animals, from a personal inspiration, and helps in movies as "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" in order to draw horses in artistic harmony, Bugatti controls the silhouettes and the negative space created between them, the rhythm, balance and lines of force are reflected in such a masterly way, it's a gift to all who admire the art of sculpture.

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