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Finding your magic is an inside Job


Mortadelo y Filemón - Vuelta al Cole


Astérix - Le Domaine des Dieux

Disney's Big Hero 6

Lords of War Part Three – Durotan

Genial Borja Montoro

Fiat Vacilão - Armando

Cadbury Womb Commercial

FRED_Sculpting process



Ilion Global Lighting Test

Mortadelo y Filemón

Popeye de Sony Animation

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Official Skylanders Trap Team

Warriors - 2014 World Championship

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014

Where Are They Now?

3d Wire 2014

Curso Gratis de Clean-Up Digital en The SPA Studios

Bonnie & the Loricat

Dragon - wip

3d Wire

Space cat Hob

Early unmade version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

First Tests of Louis by Eric Goldberg

Disney Frozen Zbrush Summit 2014

Cortos de Gobelins

The Story of Frozen

It’s Payback Time

TalkTalk The Mission

The Boxtrolls

Angry Birds Transformers

Teg - Deep Blue

Frozen - Storyboard

Big Hero 6 - Clip

La Mancha

Big Hero 6 - Baymax

El Ladrón de Caras

Nueva web www.christiandan.com

Inside Out - Pixar