Fichado!: Daniel Martínez Lara - English Version

He began working in 3D even before computers existed. He's done tutorials, ads, movies, he has lectured in the Far East, but he is also well known for his famous animation school in Barcelona, Pepe-School-Land.

Name: Daniel Martínez Lara

Age: almost 36

Profession: Animator

Artistic training: Cinema

Work done you're most proud of: Changes

Work done you're least proud of: The opening of the tv show "Que me dices", it was really really bad.

The project you are currently working on and the next one, if any: Nowadays the project is my Son :) but I'm already thinking about the next shortfilm.

You are inspired by: Warner, Pixar, Pocoyo, basically by anything that's inspiring.

Favourite artist: Bill Plympton

Pencil & paper, or mouse: Mouse

Music you listen to while working: I don't usually listen to music while I'm animating, it distracts me. If I'm doing some sort of repetitive work, like unwarp or something like that, then I do listen to music, basically movie sountracks.

Curious habits while working: Little distractions.

Crazy stuff on your desktop: The truth is that I don't have that many things.

To work, night or day?: The night is the best, full concentration.

Three movies to spend a Sunday relaxed at home: "Back to the future", "Toy story", "After the wedding"

Classic animation favorite: Chuck Jones

Ancient Art or Modern: Art that inspires

Comedy or Drama: More comedy with heart

The thoughest moment of your professional career: Full house at the Capitol theatre in Madrid, and a very bad short film of mine being projected, an experience.

And the sweetest moment: To teach.

What you see yourself doing in 20 years?: Basically the same.

Finally... tell us which has been the best advice you've been given both professional and personal: "The reward is in the way"

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Thanks Daniel for your participation in our blog!

( Thanks to Pako Bagur for the translation ! )